What winning an award can do for your business.

Focusing on your customers is always a great idea and participating in the Australian Customer Service Awards program will recognise, encourage and reward your commitment to customer service excellence in many ways. Here are our top-ten for your consideration:

1. Competitive Edge

Just about everybody is engaged in an ongoing search for product and service providers we can rely on to constantly and consistently deliver; sadly those "WOW!" experiences are to few and far between. By participating in the Australian Customer Service Awards program you will be recognised for delivering world class customer service experiences and that creates a tangible point of difference between you and your competitors, helping you to stand out from the crowd.

2. Trust

In today's low trust world showing how much you care helps potential new customer's feel secure about the level of customer service they can expect to receive from your company before they make a purchasing decision. By demonstrating your commitment to customer service excellence you create a level of confidence and trust that attracts an ongoing stream of new customers to your business.

3. Credibility and Stature

It's easy to see the impact you're having on your regular customers, that's a great start. Participating in the Australian Customer Service Award program extends the reach of your influence by demonstrating to customers you haven't even met yet how committed you are to always delivering a world class customer service experience, which strengthens your reputation.

4. Exposure

Your achievement presents a unique and high profile way for you to communicate your Award-Winning status. We recommend that you add your official Australian Customer Service Award Winners logo to all of your company marketing materials, sales brochures, proposal documents and signage, such as on shop windows and in reception areas for example.

5. Focus

Connecting to your customers on an emotional level is the key to establishing a lasting relationship with your brand. Participating in the Australia Customer Service Awards program helps you to go beyond simply delivering your product or service by focusing your employees on always delivering experiences that develop strong bonds with your customers. Service excellence is an attitude that must be embedded in every area of your business and it begins and ends with your people, from cashier to CEO.

6. Motivate

Inspire your employees to always deliver great service. By recognising  your people for their commitment to your customers you create patterns of behaviour that increase over time. Encouragement fuels the daily value-creating activities that make a real difference and rewarding the results drives constant improvement. Celebrating your people sustains performance over time and creates a culture of sales and service excellence.

7. Public Relations

Where do your best customers come from? The traditional view is that there are two places; your warm market and your cold market, in other words people you know and people you don't know. But the chances are good that the majority of your best customers will come from neither of those places. As a participant in the Australian Customer Service Awards program you're encouraging media to communicate positive messages about your company to an entirely new market of potential customers, those who you vaguely know, not exactly friends and not exactly strangers either. People whose faces you might know, but not their names. And it also includes the people who know the people you know, friends of friends of friends. 

8. Build An Army

We're doing much more than helping you you to deliver a great customer service experience! We're helping you to build an army of "personal walking ambassadors" or PWA's for you and your business. Winning an Australian Customer Service Award acts like a recruiting tool that calls more PWA's to your army. Here's the key; delivering awesome customer service is the building block, but just providing great service may not be enough for you to make a high income because if you're only serving a small group of people the chances are you're not financially going to do that well.  It's also a matter of reach, which is why building an army is so critical. 

9. Purpose

Whatever business you're in it's success or failure depends on your ability to attract and retain more and more customers, who are not only prepared to exchange their hard earned money for your products or services, they are glad, happy, even ecstatic that they did. This is what happens when you have a purpose that's centered on your customers. You see, if you believe you're out there to sell more of your products or services, then it's all about you and what you want. If, on the other hand, you believe you're out there to create a truly world class customer service experience, where the customer chooses to buy from you because they can sense everything you do is centered on their best interests, now your focus is on them, and that's exactly where it should be.

8. Low Cost, High Return

What other business management and marketing tool offers you such a high return on investment for such a low cost? Remember if you don't take care of your customers, you can be sure someone else will. Secure your investment today by nominating your company